Tattoo Removal


 100% Natural Tattoo Removal

It’s currently estimated that nearly 46% of people aged 18 to 35 have at least 1 tattoo on their body. Roughly half regret 1 or more of their tattoos and 17% of them are actively looking for tattoo removal options.

Some of the most common reasons for wanting tattoo removal range from:

•         Dissatisfaction – design is poorly executed

•         Impulsive decision

•         Ex partner’s name           

•         New partner dislikes tattoos

•         Workplace dislikes tattoos

•         Faded design

•         Replace with new design

•         Saying Goodbye to the Ink

•         Worried about the ageing process


Tatoo Removal

Until now, laser tattoo removal was the generally accepted method for removing tattoos. The problem with laser tattoo removal is that the light can only treat a limited range of colors, leaving others colors virtually untouched. Our treatment removes all colors. Laser tattoo removal treatments also do not remove the iron oxide from the body whereas our treatment completely removes all colors as well as the iron oxide residue.

Laser removal of tattoos also poses many risks associated with the types of ingredients used in manufacturing a pigment color. Laser removal creates a tremendous amount of heat, which can cause burns and other side effects, such as the ink pigment molecules, which literally explodes into insoluble pieces, potentially allowing the release of dyes and chemicals into the bloodstream. These obliterated fragments of pigment have been known to get trapped in the body’s lymph nodes and liver. Our treatment actually removes the ink and all pigment particles from the body.